Feel the walls caving in? Don't understand why customers aren't falling into your marketing funnel? Is reaching customers overwhelming?

A solid marketing strategy will narrow your focus, figure out what your customers respond to, help you plan ahead and give you a space to build an authentic platform. Marketing strategy, planning and competitive analysis is what I do!

Make your marketing as tasty as your business!


Saucy Minx Marketing will add the secret ingredients to your business: content, strategy and visual appeal. Share all the deliciousness you have to offer your community with copy that makes sense, a plan you can live with and some fresh photography.


Who is the Saucy Minx Marketer?

Kali Kardas is a scrappy business and marketing expert with a background in search engine optimization and digital content creation. She is also a culinary school graduate and huge foodie. Her powers combined make one saucy food marketer. She lives in Eugene, OR, and when she isn't side hustling or cooking, she is outside taking in the universe or nerding out on the internet. Kali is passionate about seeing small businesses succeed and being found by their hungry future customers.